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Short fiction:

  • The Reeds (2020) (at ‘Horrified’ Magazine)
  • The Hiss (2017)
  • Snow* (2009)
    • Written just before the first of two consecutive severe (by UK standards) winters, I had to remember what a decent snowfall felt like. As the parent of a young child I found writing the end of this story very difficult; before, it wouldn’t have bothered me.
  • Little Angels* (2010)
    • The story that wouldn’t die. Started and abandoned several times, it finally came together when the children’s chant popped into my head (it’s a concatenation of the names of the companies that occupied an industrial unit in early 90s Dundee). Serendipity.
  • Brook Street (2012)
    • I love maps. Don’t trust ’em, though. They’ll lead you astray. They will.
  • The Other Field* (2011)
    • There’s a nod to Jan Mark’s “Thunder and Lightnings” in here; initially inspired by a promo image for Boards of Canada’s Geogaddi album; damned if I can find it now, though.
  • En Prise* (2008)
    • I read a Jeff Noon story – a good five years or so before starting this (the title escapes me) – about an “off switch” for the human body. What if…?
  • Beeswax* (at (2005)
    • This is a story I salvaged from a novella in which the event described played a relatively minor role. It doesn’t even features the novella’s main character. Talk about killing your darlings.
  • The Ambush* (at Read This!) (2004)
    • Loosely autobiographical. My Dad made an SR-71 Blackbird model, which I passed off as my own work at the Boys’ Brigade…

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