#AmWriting Elsewhere…

I'm sorry, faithful visitors to the Gyre. I've been writing elsewhere. Mostly for the excellent Horrified magazine, for whom I'm reviewing new horror fiction. You can find my reviews here. But that's not all! I've just finished the third story featuring my recurring character, and you can meet him soon. Yes, STORGY will publish my … Continue reading #AmWriting Elsewhere…

#AmWriting – An awkward fit

It's been a while, but since I last posted about my own writing I've written loads (by my standards). Firstly, I made a few pages' progress on a folk horror novella that I really should have finished by now. Then, in a flash of inspiration, a potential recurring character came to me and I wrote … Continue reading #AmWriting – An awkward fit

#AmWriting – Opening Up while Locked Down

Hello! Anyone else finding it difficult to write during lockdown? I've sketched out a few scenes for ongoing projects, but haven't sat down and churned out a page for weeks and weeks. One silver lining is that I'm storing up lots of different ideas for stories. Jotting them down eases the (metaphorical) pressure in my … Continue reading #AmWriting – Opening Up while Locked Down

Firth of Tay

The river is tidal for many miles upstream, and the current strong. To an observer on the southern shore the island midway across the estuary’s breadth is deceptively close. You might think you could swim to it, and explore undisturbed its unpeopled expanse. But whatever anecdote your reaching the island inspired, the journey back would … Continue reading Firth of Tay