#AmWriting – No, really, I am

It’s a while since I posted anything here in the Gyre. There’s a book review I’ve been working on (more off than on) which should see the light of day in the next week or so, but the real progress is in my fiction. I finished the first draft of a short story: the second one to feature my recurring character. That story is currently gathering dust until I can look at it with fresh eyes.

Meanwhile, although I made some progress on one folk-horror novella, I “wrote to the end of an idea”. That’s what my friend Jon calls it when you leave no loose thread to come back to next time you sit down to write: you’ve written the latest idea out in full, and the tank is empty. I know the basic shape of this particular piece, just not how to get to the next part. It’ll come.

So, in the last few weeks I have resurrected a (probably) longer folk-horror novel (or novella, I’m not very good at judging how long something’s going to be until the overall shape is evident). This one – which I’ve mentioned before – is set in a fictionalised version of where I now live, in the late 80s.

The reason I was able to dust it off and get back to work was because I actually wrote out a synopsis. I really should have learned that lesson long ago…

With this piece it meant ditching several chapters, revising others, and changing various character situations and motivations. It’s really come back to life.

I know myself well enough not to assume I won’t get distracted by some other pretty idea that comes along and flirts, but until that happens I’ll keep on with this one.

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